The forte of National Wireless, Inc. is wireless circuit design and antenna design.

Good wireless circuit design begins with a system analysis and ends with circuit boards that become part of a product. Often this optimum approach is not possible as part of the system has been developed. National Wireless can provide any, or all, of a complete wireless design service.

At National Wireless we:

Perform RF system analysis. Normally we are asked to do a range or power requirement analysis. Sometimes we search out favorable rules for US and foreign applications.

Design RF circuits. Both receiver and transmitters. Most of our current crop of wireless circuits are for some license-free consumer widget. The designs are the lowest possible cost for the application. We are capable of designing for a short production run or for zillions quantity. We have the facility to test the entire RF portion of any RF/microwave system.

Provide the circuit board (PCB) layout. Maxium performance is achieved with a good RF layout. The RF and microwave field is unique as the design engineer normally develops the PCB layout. We provide a complete layout package from Gerber files to a bill of materials.

Prototype circuits. In-house prototyping goes hand-in-hand with good design in the RF and microwave world. We employ a technician to construct SMT prototypes. We also construct prototype circuits for other businesses. Check-out the quality of our work.

Test Equipment

Network analyzer,
Two 18 GHz spectrum analyzers,
2 - 18 GHz sweep generator, several other microwave sweep generators,
Signal sources covering from 1MHz to 22 GHz,
Sweep signal sources covering from audio to 18 GHz,
Three oscilloscopes, including a Tektronix 7104,
Calibrated reference antennas,
Complete SMT soldering & desoldering station,
Sufficient tools to complete excellent quality prototypes,
Lots of miscellaneous stuff required for microwave circuit design.
We also keep many reels of SMT components on-hand.

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